Importance of proper attic ventilation

It’s easy to think of an attic as a “spare room” in your house, simply existing to shelter old junk—in case something suddenly turns up—rather than housing individuals. However, whether you notice it or not, a well-ventilated attic works hand-in-hand with the rooftop, serving as the cornerstone of comfort and stability for a home’s environment. […]

Roof repair or replacement: facts to consider

If it’s floating through the air, it just might hit the roof since harmful pollutants and particulates hover within an “arm’s length” of your roof. These days, air isn’t nearly as clean as it once was. So if it’s surrounding the roof like a ring of ropes around a boxer, it can’t take much time […]

Cleaning Your Roof in Cleveland

When it comes to cleaning your roof, there are some very important dos and don’ts. Old age, weather conditions and normal wear can lead to some aesthetically unappealing roofs. Short of replacing your roof, sometimes a decent cleaning can improve the look greatly. However, it is VERY important to keep a few things in mind […]

What is required of Cleveland Roofing Contractors?

Roofing contractors in Cleveland are not required to be licensed, but must be bonded, insured and registered. Electricians and plumbers must be licensed. How do you know if the roofing contractor you hired is bonded, insured and registered? Call 216-664-2884 to verify, then don’t let them start until you have a copy of the permit […]

Composition or Metal Roofing for Cleveland Homes

The roof of your Cleveland home is arguably the most important component of your house. It is your first line of defense to protect you from nature’s elements. When installing on a new home or replacing your old roof you need to know the pros and cons of each roofing system. Making a selection these […]

Cleveland Roofing-Buying a Home

When purchasing a new home in Cleveland, there are many things to inspect before following through with the purchase. Use these helpful hints for roofs when you’re looking to buy a home. Cleveland Inspectors, take advantage of them!  Because there is a lot to know about roofs, make sure you are paying attention to this […]

Roof Coating in Cleveland: Things to Know

Whether you have recently replaced your roof or you are looking to provide more protection for your home, a roof coating is an easy way to possibly double the life of your roof. A roof coating is a layer of protection between your roof and the elements that cause damage. Coating will protect against Cleveland […]

Cleveland Roofing Contractors-Bids & Contracts

Normally you should ask for at least three bids for any major roofing project in Cleveland. But, don’t get carried away with bargain hunting. Lower quotes doesn’t always equate into better performance. It is true that larger firms have more overhead than ma and pop firms, and that does mean elevated quotes, but they may […]

Cool Roofs for Cleveland?

When homeowners are given the option to choose the color of their new roof they usually tend to go with dark colors. Why? Darker colored roofs look better. I chose a dark colored roof on the new house I had built a few years ago. But, had I known the potential savings in energy costs […]

Finding Roof Leaks- Cleveland Homes

While fixing a roof leak is generally pretty easy, finding the leak can be difficult. Some telltale signs of a roof leak are water stains on ceilings or walls. Ignoring the signs of a leak may be convenient but even the most minor leaks can cause significant damage to your home. The first step to […]