Cleveland Metal Roofs

Although metal roofs in Cleveland may not be as popular as they once were, they can be a great roofing option for your home. In fact, according to McGraw-Hill Construction and Analytics, the United States alone consists of 10% of metal roofs within the residential re-roofing market.

History of Metal Roofing

You may be wondering why they aren’t as popular now. As more roofing materials become ¬†option to homeowners, people begin to have more design options to match their home. Metal roofs, however, have been an architectural statement for thousands of years. ¬†Copper was the first of metals to become a roof. Copper was extremely popular in ancient Rome and grew to be popular throughout Europe during the medieval era.

Metal RoofingTypes

With multiple metals, there are a variety of types to choose from. Options include corrugated galvanized steel, stainless steel, stone coated steel, copper, aluminum, metal tile sheets, and even a blend of zinc, aluminium, and silicon-coated steel, which is sold under trade names such as zincalume or galvalume. Because metals tend to rust, multiple types of coating are put on, such as anti-rust and waterproofing. Since metals are a conductor, heat reflective ceramic coatings are mixed with paint to put over the metal roofs as well. This coating can reflect 75-85 percent of radiation, but must be recoated after a few years to keep that percentage high from the suns radiation.

Metal Roof Pros/Cons

Metal roofs are a great option for cold weather cities such as Cleveland as they are known to be extremely durable in colder temperatures. Another advantage of this roofing material is that metal is recycled, meaning 100% of this roofing product came from previous recycled metals.

It is important to consider the disadvantages of metal roofing as well. Although there are special seals, rusting can occur. It is important to maintain these seal coatings to prevent rusting. Since metals are conductors, they require careful and specific insulation into the roofs structure. The last thing to consider about a metal roofing foundation is that because of the material, cell/radio reception may be harder to transmit.

Metal roofs have been around for centuries and eras. With many types of metal options, they can benefit the foundation to your Cleveland home.