What is required of Cleveland Roofing Contractors?

Roofing contractors in Cleveland are not required to be licensed, but must be bonded, insured and registered. Electricians and plumbers must be licensed.

How do you know if the roofing contractor you hired is bonded, insured and registered?

Call 216-664-2884 to verify, then don’t let them start until you have a copy of the permit the roofing contractor must obtain. When the work is completed you should not accept it as finished until a final inspection is completed by the building and housing inspector.

If you are doing the work yourself you are have to follow the same rules as a registered contractor and obtain a permit.

What does the permit process do for you?

The permit process ensures that work that has been done is compliant with the accepted roofing practices established by your local government. It also ensures that the contractor you have hired is bonded and insured.

Does this process guarantee a trouble free perfect roofing job?


But it’s a good step in the right direction. Any home owner facing a roofing replacement or repair must vet the contractors themselves. Experience and honesty are the most important factors to consider when dealing with contractors working on your home, get at least 3 estimates and detailed proposals, to include materials, methods of application, and referrals from previous customers. Follow though and actually call previous customers or better yet, ask them if you can pass by and see the work performed. Ask them if the work was completed in a timely manner and did they dispose of and clean up old roofing materials. Did the man in charge answer all the questions asked to their satisfaction?