Composition or Metal Roofing for Cleveland Homes

The roof of your Cleveland home is arguably the most important component of your house. It is your first line of defense to protect you from nature’s elements. When installing on a new home or replacing your old roof you need to know the pros and cons of each roofing system.

Making a selection these are the considerations,

  • Lifetime- How long will the roof last
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Protection from the elements
  • Fire Protection or resistance

Composition Shingle Roof Systems

Composition Shingle is the most popular in the United States. Why? They are economical and have a great number of options available. With a fiberglass core and flexibility they offer good protection, deceit amount longevity, some fire protection and low costs.

Prices can vary widely dependent on a number of factors, the low end being flat shingles to the more desirable architectural types that have a dimensional look.

Metal and Steele Roofing

Metal roofs cost more, usually about 30% to 50% above composition. But, if you are planning on staying in your home more than 15 years, the extra cost quickly diminishes in the years ahead. With a typical life span of 50+ years, it doesn’t take rocket science to see the advantage.

Other advantages of metal roofs are they can be extremely wind resistant and fire proof, important if your home has a likelihood of being subject to those conditions.

Recent advancements in manufacturing have taken away the commercial look of yesterday, and styles and colors available today make it difficult to distinguish them from shingle or other types of roofing.

Quality metal roofing is a very smart choice and worth considering.

Wood Cedar Shakes

Cedar of similar wood shingles look beautiful for a short time, but they become a bear to maintain. After a few years the shingles becomes unsightly and require constant upkeep. If constant care isn’t taken they will decay and cause a roof failure.

Clay Tile & Concrete

These systems are popular in the south and southwest where frost and climatic temperatures don’t have dramatic swings. Because of their porous nature these roofing materials are prone to cracking in temperate zones which allow moisture to enter and enter the freeze thaw cycles.

Weight becomes a problem if your home wasn’t designed for these types of materials. If you are living in these areas where tile or concrete makes sense it would be wise to consult with an engineer before work is started.

In the right places, (Cleveland isn’t one of them) clay and concrete roofing systems make an excellent choice because they also have a life expectancy of 30+ years.

Conclusion: In the Cleveland OH areas, composition or metal and steel roofing systems are your best bets. I would like to hear arguments against it.