Roof Coating in Cleveland: Things to Know

Whether you have recently replaced your roof or you are looking to provide more protection for your home, a roof coating is an easy way to possibly double the life of your roof.

A roof coating is a layer of protection between your roof and the elements that cause damage. Coating will protect against Cleveland weather, including rain, hail, wind and sunlight. It seals the roof materials to create a barrier. If your roof also has flashing, the coating will bind the flashing to whatever material your roof is made of. So, not only does the coating protect against the elements, it also makes it less susceptible to leaks.

Specifically, roof coating can be immensely helpful with sunlight exposure. It absorbs damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays, therefore slowing down any negative effects it may have on the roofing materials.

Roof coating also has the ability to expand and retract as the roof materials do. As the weather conditions change, the coating will stay intact and adhered to the roof, preventing any damage to the coating membrane.

As for applying the coating, you can either use a paintbrush or spray gun. To achieve an even coat, it is recommended to use a spray gun. As for thickness, the type of roofing materials and weather conditions in your area will determine how thick the roof coating should be. With distinct weather conditions, such as heavy snow in the winter or extremely high temperatures in the summer, a thicker coat should be applied.

Preparation for roof coating is not difficult but does involve a few steps:

1)      Check the roof for any flaws, penetrations or obstructions. These may include loose shingles or worn section of the roof. Any flaws should be repaired before any further steps are taken.

2)      Next, the roof needs to be power washed. By doing this, you will remove any residue that will keep the coating membrane from adhering completely to the roof. Be sure to completely dry the roof before moving forward.

3)      Primer will help increase the ability of the coating to adhere properly and completely. It acts the same as paint primer does on walls.

4)      Applying the roof coating should be done in successive layers until it is the desired thickness. Be sure each layer is dry before applying the next.

After applying the roof coating, you can expect a significant expansion in the life expectancy of your roof. Aside from any unforeseen natural disasters that may cause damage to your roof, it should prevent premature wear and tear.